mardi 19 juin 2007

The party


The party you want to attend is a private monthly event, taking place on the 3rd Saturday of each month, between men sharing the same passion for fisting. You must be in tune with the spirit of the party, that is that everyone speaks to everyone, respects everyone, shares the stands and plays with each other...
For space reasons, the number of participants is limited to 30. The party takes place in a play room with slings, tables, fuck benches, beds and more. A bathroom with a toilet, a sink and a douche to touch up is available. But be as ready to play as possible! No full clean-out please!

A minimum fee of 12 € is asked to cover the cost of paper, gloves, drinks, towels and cleaning afterwards.

For obvious reasons and for a more balanced party, to suscribe, we ask you to reply, in a mail ( with the answers for the following questions :

1. First name
2. Role (ex: 80% fister, 20% fistee...)
3. A few words to introduce yourself
4. Profile on the Internet
5. Dates you are free (because of the limited number of players, you participation could be refused or delayed)
6. Picture showing your FACE and BODY (MANDATORY)

Once your application accepted, you will receive confirmation of the date and time of the party (usually 10:30 pm- 6:00 am)

Fistically yours,
The organizing team

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